List: Unexpected Lessons from Traveling the World

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Having spent most of 2013 travelling, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about the world, different cultures and myself. I could write for pages and pages about all this, but here’s a quick rundown of the things that I wasn’t expecting to learn.

1: Bum hoses are the future

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Thailand Diaries: Ton Sai, Ao Phra Nang and More Monkeys


Dinner with a view – Ton Sai

On 13th December we returned to the mainland – sort of. We were on a peninsular that you can only reach by boat, called Laem Phra Nang. It has a series of beaches that you can trek between, but the easiest way to get between them is a long boat taxi or by renting a kayak. Continue reading “Thailand Diaries: Ton Sai, Ao Phra Nang and More Monkeys”

Thailand Diaries: Beach Bumming on Koh Lanta


On the 8th we just chilled out, in preparation for our 16 hour train ride that night. We got the sleeper train from Bangkok to Trang, then a bus (and two car ferries while on the bus) to Koh Lanta Yai, off the Andaman coast. So far we’ve only booked flights and sleeper trains in advance, so we just popped into a travel agent in Trang to arrange a bus, and book our first two nights in a beach hut. Continue reading “Thailand Diaries: Beach Bumming on Koh Lanta”

Thailand Diaries: Bangkok and the King’s Birthday

The King’s birthday is on 5th December each year, and it is a massive deal in Thailand. As far as we could tell, everybody loves the King – one tuk tuk driver told us he would die for his King (a tuk tuk is a three wheel passenger carrying moped – the best way to travel in Bangkok). We started our King’s birthday with some Thai massages (a must – slightly painful, but totally worth it in the end), before heading out to explore.


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