Thailand Diaries: Touchdown

I’m on on some exciting travels around the world! We’ve been traveling for three weeks now, and I meant to keep a blog, but just haven’t got around to it … whoops! Luckily I have been posting some lengthy updates to Facebook, so bear with me while I catch up, and then I will try and post more regularly.

3rd December 2012 – GLA-DBX-BKK, 16 hours


Obligatory airport photo

We arrived in Thailand on 4th December, after a seven hour flight, a three hour stop over in Dubai, another six hour flight and an hour long ride in in a fluorescent pink taxi.  We stayed in the New Siam II hotel in the Banglamphu district. The hotel is near the Khao San road (say it like “koh san”), which is full of hostels, bars, backpackers and street food – we were only a few minutes walk away, but none of the noise or craziness carried back to us, which was just what we wanted. The hotel was great – Wi-Fi, air con, cheap food and close to some amazing eateries.


Pink taxi

It was 30 degrees Celsius, and usually overcast and smoggy – our hotel had a pool, but we didn’t use it. When we arrived, the first thing we did was nap – bad idea!! We didn’t sleep on the first night, and struggled not to nap on the second day. Apparently the best way to kick jet lag is to fight the urge to nap so that you sleep at night, and we got a big fat fail on that!


Our first dinner was at a diner style place on Thanon Phra Arthit (Thanon means road I think, it precedes all the street names on my map). The hotel sits in the corner between Trok Rong and Thanon Phra Arthit – you go down the Trok Rong to get to the Khao San, and we stuck to Thanon Phra Arthit for food. We tried a lot of the places there, and never had a bad meal once – apparently it’s where all the Thai students and arty people eat and hang out. That sounds a bit like Glasgow’s West End – and it suited me down to a tee!


Yummy noodle soup

This place looked a bit run down, but there were loads of Thai people having noodle soup that looked amazing … and it was! We got two bowls and two waters for 80 Thai Baht – around £1.60. I can’t recommend this place enough. We didn’t catch the name, but it’s green and white, and the servers wear pink aprons and all the bowls are pink and plastic. Definitely try and find it if you go. Another one to look out for is Hemlock – we read about it in the guidebook and it definitely lived up to its reviews! It looks a bit posh, but we eat there for 500-700THB for two (£10-£14); we had a shared starter, two mains, two steamed rice and two drinks.